FlipPDF to Flash (freeware)

FlipPDF to Flash (freeware) 1.1

Efficient free conversion tool to create SWF files out of your PDF documents

FlipPDF to Flash transforms your PDF documents into Flash videos that you can then open with your favorite browser or embed in any of your Web pages. The resulting SWF file will show you your PDF file as a slideshow, displaying one page at a time. Thus, you can use this free tool to upload presentations and to create attractive animated e-books.

The program offers you three different modes - batch mode, hot directories mode, and command-line mode. Batch conversion mode allows you to transform into independent SWF files as many PDF documents as you wish. The conversion process is fast and reliable, and the final quality of the Flash video produced will faithfully reflect that of the original PDF file. The hot directories mode will give you the opportunity to tell the program to keep an eye on a specific directory in a server or a network, so that whenever a new PDF file is sent to it, this will be automatically converted into a new Flash SWF file. Finally, you can also use FlipPDF to Flash converter in command-line mode. I expected a DOS window to open when clicking on this third option, but what it actually does is to open a small TXT file with some basic instructions on what and how to write when using this program from the command line.

Just a final caveat - the "Flip" bit in the program's name comes from the name of its developer (Flip PDF), so do not expect any flipping effects in the resulting SWF files. Pages are "turned" automatically, just as it happens in a PowerPoint presentation or in any other type of slide show.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy-to-follow interface
  • High-quality output SWF video files
  • Monitors selected directories looking for new PDF files
  • Command line support


  • None
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